Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Louis Braille

Fourth graders are learning about Louis Braille and the invention of the Braille alphabet.  Young Louis was blinded in an accident when he was three years old.  When he grew older and went to school for blind children, he discovered that there was no good method for blind people to read.  There were books with raised print, but they were expensive and difficult to read.  Louis invented a system of raised dots that could be used as an easily read code for blind people.   Today the Braille system is used all around the world and has brought literacy to millions.

Today's homework:
     1.  Math Miss W:  p.351-352.
                   Mr. Spaulding: p. 399-400.
     2.  Fluency "Guide Dogs."
     3.  Read for half an hour.
     4.  Get parent initials.

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